Issue Rules


Issue rules allow merchants to set their own rules for how Route should resolve customer issues for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Note: To use Issue Rules, Resolve via Platform must be turned on. Barring any exceptions, RVP applies to all Shopify merchants. Learn more here. 

How do issue rules impact the customer experience? 

Issue rules were designed to improve your customer’s experience by making it even more likely that customer issues get approved, and decreasing the time it takes to resolve customer issues. From the customer’s perspective, it’s an absolute win, which generally makes it a win for you too.

How do issue rules work with Route Protect? 

Route will continue to function exactly as it always has.

For approved issues within the Route Policies:

  • Route will automate a reorder or reimbursement to the customer from your store.
  • Route will then reimburse you on a weekly basis for the cost of those reorders and customer reimbursements.

For issues that fall outside of Route’s policies but are approved based on your issue rule criteria:

  • Route will automate a reorder or reimbursement to the customer from your store.
  • Route will not reimburse you for the cost associated with that reorder or reimbursement.
  • Customer issues that fall outside of both Route’s policies and your defined set of issue rules will be denied.

EXAMPLE Issue Rules in Action:

A high-end shoe merchant wants to approve customer issues faster than Route’s standard 5-day waiting period. They adjust the “Days to wait before assessment” rule to be 2 days instead of Route’s standard 5-day policy. Seconds after the merchant saves the rule, a customer submits an order issue 2 days after their order was delivered. Route automatically provides a reorder/refund for the customer. The reorder/refund is not included in Route’s reimbursement payment to the merchant, since the order approval fell outside of Route’s 5-day policy. The customer gets a speedy resolution, and the merchant doesn’t have to worry about issuing a refund/reorder.


How Issue Rules Work

  1. Login to the Route Portal.
  2. Click on the Issues tab.
  3. Under Issues, click on Issue Rules.
  4. Under Issue Rules, you'll see a view that allows you to customize the order issue approval logic specific to your brand.
  5. This view is broken out into 3 different approval logic categories:

    Too Late to Report an Issue - the number of days after order creation, last checkpoint, or delivery date in which Route should auto-deny the order issue submission.

    Wait to Assess - the number of days after a delivery checkpoint or delivery date that Route should wait to assess an issue.

    Order Total Thresholds - the maximum order value that can be auto-approved for lost, damaged, and stolen order issues.

When you set issue rules for the first time or come back to make changes, your changes will immediately be applied to the order resolution process.