Verify banking information


In order for Route to receive the amount that our mutual customers pay for Route Package Protection, we use Stripe to debit the exact amount of the total premiums.

We debit this amount weekly. Billing notifications are sent on Monday, and you are billed on Wednesdays.

Note: If the frequency of billing ever changes, you will be notified.

Follow the steps below to set up billing information for Route:

  1. Login to the Route Brand Portal.
  2. In the navigation on the left side, choose Admin.

  3. At the top of the page, choose Settings


  4. Under Payment Account, click Edit.

  5. On the panel on the right, select I understand how billing works and wish to proceed and then choose the appropriate billing option.

  6. After filling out the billing information, choose Billing at the top of the page or View Billing under Payment Account to view your billing statements moving forward. 


Have questions about billing? Read about Route Billing & Premiums