Uninstalling Route+ from Shopify


Uninstall App

Begin your uninstall process by uninstalling the app off of your Shopify store. In the menu items to the left of your dashboard, click ‘Apps’.

 All of the apps that you have installed on your shop should appear in a list. Scroll through the list of apps to find the Route+ app.

 Once you’ve located the app, click on the trash can icon to delete the app off of your Shopify store.

Delete Product

Now that you’ve uninstalled the app, take Route+ off of your list of product. Click on ‘Products’ in the menu items to the left.

Under products, search for “Route+”, then check the checkbox to the left of the product thumbnail.

Then select ‘Actions’ > ‘Delete selected products’

Remove Div

Once you’ve uninstalled the app and deleted the product, you will need to remove a piece of code.

 Find the following piece of code in your code by searching for “route”. Simply delete this code and click ‘save’.

<div class="route-div"></div>

Route+ asset is now fully deleted from your site :(

We are sorry to see you go!

Please let us know what we can do better by emailing us at support@route.com