What types of items aren't covered by Route Package Protection?


Route Package Protection does not cover the following without a specific written amendment from Route: cash, cigarettes, and other tobacco products; computer memory modules and cards; cotton; fine art (defined as art valued in excess of $10,000 per piece); fresh foods (excepting frozen foods in refrigerated containers); jewelry valued in excess of $300 per piece; live animals; negotiable papers; perishable commodities (defined as commodities which spoil or deteriorate when not carried or stored in a temperature-controlled environment); pharmaceutical drugs; precious stones and metals; securities; automobiles and motorcycles; bagged goods; boats and yachts; ceramic, marble or granite tiles; slabs blocks; countertops; statues; glass windows, plate glass and similar goods; lumber; used household goods and personal effects; scrap metal; and steel metal and steel metal products. If you sell any of the goods that fall under the categories outlined in this section, your customers are not eligible to use the Route Package Protection.

By agreeing to these Terms of Use, you represent that you do not sell any such excluded goods.


High-value products may be subject to review.