Mobile App FAQs

What is the Route mobile app?

Route automatically connects to everything you've ordered from all of your favorite retailers while allowing you to visually track your packages, anytime, anywhere.

Why should I use the Route mobile app?
Simply put, Route makes your life easier by eliminating the need to manually track packages after checkout. On top of that, you can file claims and get help with your orders with the tap of a button.
What are the requirements to use the Route mobile app?
To download Route, you need an iOS device and an email account.
Why do you need my email account?
When you connect your email address to Route, we automatically locate emails with tracking numbers and add them to your Route home screen for live-tracking.
How can I track my deliveries in Route?
You can view your deliveries in Route to get a real-time view of where all of your packages are. On the MAP screen, you can swipe through cards or zoom into the map to see where packages are in-transit. Tap on a card to open up the Order Details page.  You can also see a list view of all your packages on the Orders screen. From there, you can tap on orders to see the order details which will provide info around where your order is in-transit.