Merchant FAQs

I Self-Installed Route but it's in the Wrong Location/Doesn't Look Clean

We can tidy this up for you - no problem! Please email and our developers will adjust Route's location on your store.

Why is Route Appearing as a Product in My Shopify Store?
Shopify has a closed-cart system, which is why Route is listed as a product in the store - this allows Route to increase the total-cart value which would otherwise not be possible. To hide Route as a listed product in Shopify simply remove it from all collections on your store so Route's product page is not easily accessible.
How Much Does Route Cost?
Route is free for merchants and is available for purchase to customers in the cart page. For cart totals under $100 USD Route is only $0.98 USD. For cart totals over $100 USD, Route is 1% of the cart total (for example, if an order was $150 USD, then Route would be $1.50 USD).
Why Does Route Need My Billing Information? Isn't it Free for merchants?
You’re right - Route is free for merchants! Because Shopify has a closed-cart system, the total revenue made by each sale sent to the merchant is unable to be split among different parties. In order for us to receive the amount that our mutual customers pay for Route insurance, we use Stripe to debit the exact amount the total premiums. We debit this amount monthly and send a receipt, so there are no surprises!
I have Apps that Bundle Discounts that Conflict with Route - How Will This Affect My Store?
Route isn't compatible with all Shopify apps, but we're always trying to make our product better! In some apps that bundle products together to create a batch discount for customers, merchants can list products to not be included in this list, such as Route.
What if My Products aren't Sold in American Dollars ($USD)?
We use Shopify's currency converter that allows all customers to pay in whichever currency is most convenient for them.