Track: Early Access Onboarding



Please Note: This article refers to early access onboarding for a BETA Track. Updates will be made once this feature is released to all merchants.


Follow these steps to set up your early access Track experience.

Best practices

  1. Before you turn on notifications, we encourage you to review any existing notifications that you may already be sending automatically through your store platform (ex. Shopify, BigCommerce, etc) to ensure that you do not send duplicate notifications.
  2. If you tend to have a lot of international customers, we recommend turning at least some email notifications on to ensure that they can receive updates from you, since SMS notifications are currently limited to US phone numbers.
  3. Upload your branding assets to ensure that each shipping update reflects your brand.


Can I offer tracking notifications to all customers, or only to customers who purchase package protection?

Package tracking is available to all of your customers, regardless of whether or not they've purchased package protection. For customers who purchase package protection, the package protection information will be included in Track notification emails. 

How can customers opt in to receive SMS updates about their order? Customers will be able to opt in to receive SMS notifications on your order confirmation page. 

To turn on the SMS opt-in experience, ensure that the Thank You Page Tracking Link (located in Admin settings) is turned on, and ensure that you have toggled at least one SMS message update on within your notification settings. 

*Note: Currently, SMS notifications are limited to US phone numbers. Customers who try to submit an invalid phone number will receive an error message.

For the early access program, SMS updates are currently limited to merchants on the Shopify platform. We are working to expand access to all merchants.

When will customers receive email updates about their order?

Emails that you have enabled in the merchant portal will be sent to any customer who has not downloaded the Route app. 

When will customers receive push notifications about the status of their order?

Customers who have downloaded the Route app can receive push notifications. Customers can manage their push notification settings from within the Route App.